Partner Area

If you are a real estate agent, you can easily improve your portfolio offering your customers our properties on sale, as well.

If you are an enterprising person, you can occasionally even offer them on sale, taking advantage of your numerous contacts.

If you are an expert, a professional or an entrepreneur (an architect, an engineer, a surveyor, a geologist, an agronomist, a farmer, a lawyer, an administrator, a business consultant, a constructor) you can propose your services, concerning the properties which are here on sale.

If you are a restaurant manager, an hotel keeper, a tour or business operator, you can offer a mutually convenient agreement.

If you are an artist, an advertising executive, a chairman or a social operator, an event promoter, a dreamer or a variety artist, you can try to imagine our localities as your stage.

Our properties are full of life, as those who will live, work and dream in. They are full of life, like you.